CPATrend’s 2017 New Year Resolution: Q1 Cash Back Rewards Program

With the Holidays and New Year just around the corner, January marks CPATrend’s 7th year in business!   Without our valued affiliates and advertisers, sustaining an affiliate network in the competitive internet marketing climate would have been impossible for this long.  We have been incredibly fortunate to have earned the business of so many talented marketing individuals, and even more fortunate to make some wonderful friends along the way.  We’re excited to turn the page on 2016 and ring in 2017 by making the first quarter of 2017 the most profitable for CPATrend affiliates to date!

We are offering a truly UNLIMITED cash back earning capability, with no cap on how much money you can earn back.

For each month of January, February and March, reach the following thresholds on any one dating offer, and have your lead count multiplied by the corresponding dollar amount.  This is what you will have earned!


To our current affiliates, we are excited to line your pockets further in Q1 with a huge cash back incentive to continue your campaigns as they are, or to continue scaling them up.  Nothing changes other than receiving a huge bonus check from CPATrend in April!

To our future affiliates, we are eager to earn your business.  Join CPATrend and see why we’ve been running strong for 7 years, and why tens of thousands of affiliates have chosen CPATrend as their affiliate network of choice.


1) The following countries are eligible to receive up to $0.60 per lead cash back bonus, both for Mobile and Desktop campaigns:

– Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom

2) All countries not listed will receive a cash back of $0.01 per lead when crossing 3,000 leads in a month, per offer.

3) Cash back applies for each offer that you cross 3,000 leads in a month with.  This offer applies to all dating offers in CPATrend’s network.

4) At the end of each month, your affiliate manager will send you over written confirmation of each offer that you’ve crossed the volume thresholds with, and the amount earned.

5) Cash Back Initiative will be paid immediately at the close of Q1, with NET-15 Payment terms.  When March ends, we will calculate each affiliate’s cash back amounts, and will remit payment on or before April 15th.

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