GoldStarATM – New Exclusive Brand – Free ATM Placement Lead Gen

CPATrend is pleased to announce a new exclusive lead gen offer into our CPA Network:


GoldStarATM is an ATM provider who both sells ATMs and does revenue share free placements for high traffic businesses.

The offer in CPATrend is for the free placement ATM program.  Business owners can get a FREE ATM in their location, and can earn more money on a revenue share with GoldStarATM.

GoldStar provides the ATMs, installation, servicing, and even paper for the receipts for the lifetime of the account.  All the business owner has to do is plug it in and start collection payments.  GoldStarATM can even provide the cash for the machines, so that business owners do not have to worry about carrying cash to and from their establishment.


Offer Details:

– Nationwide (contintental 48 states)

– Traffic Accepted: Media Buys, Display, PPC, SEO, Native, Email, Contextual, Social Media.

– You will be paid the same price per lead via the online form, or per 60 second call to the unique number we will provide each affiliate on their unique landing page.

– 10 fields including 3 drop downs.

– Call center times: Monday – Friday, 10AM – 7PM MST.


Contact us or sign up for more information!


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