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Stock Photos & Why They’re Necessary For Marketing

For an industry that was once referred to as the “Wild West”, Internet Marketing has surely come a long way.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has dedicated a lot of resources to eliminate fraudulent schemes online, and has kept a watchful eye over the internet marketing industry to ensure consumers are protected as much as possible.  In the Wild West of marketing, one of the most important aspects attributed to the success of marketers and advertising agencies are the actual creatives being used to market their products/services. For years, some…


FTC Native Ads Guidelines – Summary

The FTC, as most reading this know, is the US government agency who monitors and enforces that advertisements are being created and used in a fair, and non-deceptive manner towards consumers.  While the FTC allows for creativity in advertising methods, they take action against deception, and misleading a consumer into submitting their information or purchasing a product that they likely would not have, were the advertisement in a different format, or contained different information. The FTC very recently issued guidelines regarding Native Advertisements, and how to keep compliant.  We highly…