CPATrend Interview: Andrew Maya, COO


In our first segment of interviews with the CPATrend staff, we are pleased to introduce a familiar face to many: Andrew Maya, the COO of CPATrend.  Andrew has been with CPATrend for 5 years, and continues to help the company grow into one of the most reputable CPA networks in the industry.
Q1) Tell us about yourself Andrew!  Where are you from?  What college did you attend?  What was your major?

AM: I’m 26 years old and have been fortunate enough to have been born and raised right outside one of the world’s greatest cities in the world, Manhattan! After High School I knew I wanted to try living outside of New York City and experiencing a real “campus life”, so I chose to attend SUNY Stony Brook University on Long Island where I lived for four years and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, with a specialization in Marketing.


Q2) How did you get involved in internet marketing?  What skills did you develop prior to working at CPATrend that helped you achieve your present success?

AM: To be perfectly honest, I sort of stumbled into the world of Affiliate Marketing. My best friend, Philip Shapiro founded One weekend when I was home for a visit, we were hanging out and both talking about our jobs. At the time, I was running the call center at Stony Brook University and helping other students raise money for the school. Phil said he could really use some help managing affiliate accounts and doing phone interviews. Before I knew it, I found myself working two jobs while completing my last semester of college. After graduation, it was a very easy transition to working for CPATrend full time. Before I knew it, I had worked my way from part time affiliate manager to full time affiliate manager, then on to Network Manager and eventually Chief Operations Officer.
Q3) You’ve been working at CPATrend for 5 years.  What does a typical business day in the life of Andrew Maya look like, and how has that evolved over the years?

AM: There is no typical business day in my life anymore.  When I first started at CPATrend, I only handled affiliate accounts. Now I deal with all affiliate and advertiser relationships, as well as other aspects of the business. This keeps things interesting in an industry with constant changes. When I wake up each morning, I almost immediately check my email and mentally plan my day out as I get ready for work. Often times I set a schedule, but need to re-arrange that schedule in order to satisfy all of our partners and ensure continued growth and success for affiliates and advertisers alike.
Q4) What would you say is the best aspect of your job?

AM: The flexibility. We deal with partners all around the globe, so there is no “9-5″ schedule. If I need to sleep in an hour late one day, I can do it. If I want to do some extended traveling, I can work from hotels or just about anywhere with a secure wifi connection. Because I have lots of family and friends outside of New York, this perk has always been one that I have really enjoyed.
Q5) You have managed thousands of affiliates in the past 5 years. What would be your top piece(s) of advice for current or future affiliates?

AM: At the risk of over using cliche answers, I will say that “Rome was not built in a day” and “Practice makes perfect”. I say this because often times affiliates ask the quickest way to turn from a part timer into a super affiliates. However, as in any industry, there is no shortcut to success with affiliate marketing. I always encourage publishers to focus on one source at a time, and once you master that source you will be able to successfully promote any good offer on it, while testing additional sources.


Q6) What personal goals are you most proud of achieving?  How were you able to conquer these goals?

AM: Just a few months ago at the age of 25, I became a homeowner in New York! I was one of the first and youngest of my friends to accomplish this goal, and it something I am reminded how proud I am of each day when I walk into my place after a days work and feel a sense of ownership and pride; knowing I worked hard to purchase everything I am looking at.


Q7) If CPATrend did not exist, would you have gotten involved in the internet marketing industry?  If not, what type of work do you think you’d be doing?

AM: This is a tough one! I do believe if CPATrend did not exist, there is still a great chance I would have ended up in the internet marketing industry. As I mentioned above, I had gone to school for Business and Marketing, and in this day and age almost everything is on the internet in one way or another. However, if my best friend did not bring me into Affiliate Marketing, I probably would not have ended up in this sector of internet marketing.


Q8) What do you see in store for the future of CPATrend?

AM: It’s hard to say what CPATrend will be doing in 5, 10, 15 years from now as the industry is always evolving and we continue to evolve with it. However, over the next couple of months affiliates can expect to see many more app install offers live in our network, as well as new affiliate managers and other employees joining the team. We understand that affiliates and advertiser’s don’t need to work with us, so we always stride to provide a level of customer service that can be labeled second to none. This is something that will never change!
Q9) When it’s time to kick back and relax, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

AM: I do think it’s important to have a clear separation between work and pleasure. With emails going directly to our phones, campaign stats being accessible from anywhere, and the world of internet marketing never really taking a day off, it’s important to make time for the things that make you most happy. For me, that’s spending time with family and friends, traveling, going out to eat, trying new things and meeting new people. During the summer months, I really like to ride my bicycle and spend time at the beach. However, If you want to know what hobby I do most often, well it’s probably refreshing and monitoring campaign statistics!



Thank you very much Andrew for letting us know a bit more about yourself!  If any of our readers have any additional questions that they would like answered, do not hesitate to send them in!  Look out for more interviews and news about CPATrend!


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