How Can I Become An Affiliate With CPATrend?

This is possibly the most frequently asked question we receive at CPATrend,  So, how can you get approved and become an affiliate with CPATrend? Its fairly simple actually.  The first thing you should know is that at CPATrend, we care very deeply about the overall quality of our affiliate network’s traffic.  There are countless networks in the industry that approve affiliates who make volume promises, or will be incredibly flexible on approvals with the mindset that the more affiliates we approve, the more money we make. However, there is a major…

cpatrend-moving-estimates – CPATrend Premier Advertiser

We are pleased to announce that has chosen CPATrend to be their Exclusive CPA Network under our new CPATrend Premier Advertiser program! Here are some highlights from the campaign: – Nationwide (United States).  25 states are “premium states” which yield higher payouts. – As an affiliate, you will only need to promote one link.  CPATrend has automatically segmented the payouts by state, so you have the luxury of promoting the nationwide campaign and letting our technology track everything properly, OR you can promote state by state.  This is your…


CPATrend Premier Advertiser + Media Kit

Since the inception of CPATrend in January of 2010, we have always looked for ways to add value for our clients.  In 6 years, we have made our advertisers and affiliates millions of dollars, while providing a service that is second to none.  With that said, we are pleased to announce our newest program to add more value for our advertisers: CPATrend Premier Advertiser. The program is highlighted in our 2016 CPATrend Media Kit While we work with many advertisers who have large staffs to do a myriad of jobs,…


100 Reasons To Work With CPATrend in 2016

We are excited to announce our first promotion of 2016.  If you are a new affiliate and are interested in working with CPATrend, we’ll give you 100 more reasons to!       Are you an affiliate interested in promoting Dating and other Lead Gen offers?  Sign up today!:   Are you an affiliate interested in promoting CPI Offers? Sign up today!   Are you an advertiser interested in working with CPATrend in 2016?  Contact us today to discuss how we can increase your sales through lead generation (CPL,CPC, CPS), app…


CPATrend New Design

With 2016 off to a great start, we are pleased to uncover our new website design.  With this, we are excited to launch the Beta version of our CPI well as a promotion for new affiliates in 2016!   We would love to know what you think!