CPATrend Now Offers Payoneer!

CPATrend has partnered with Payoneer to provide our affiliates with a new method of payment. We will still be offering ACH, Wire, Check, and Paypal payments as we always have. For those outside of the US, Payoneer will likely be your way of paying less fees and increasing your campaigns overall ROI because of it. How will Payoneer work with CPATrend? – All you have to do is contact your account manager and request Payoneer payments. At this point, we will adjust that in Cake, and you will be able…


FTC Native Ads Guidelines – Summary

The FTC, as most reading this know, is the US government agency who monitors and enforces that advertisements are being created and used in a fair, and non-deceptive manner towards consumers.  While the FTC allows for creativity in advertising methods, they take action against deception, and misleading a consumer into submitting their information or purchasing a product that they likely would not have, were the advertisement in a different format, or contained different information. The FTC very recently issued guidelines regarding Native Advertisements, and how to keep compliant.  We highly…


iPads being Shipped out!

Congratulations again to those who earned $10,000 or more in September with CPATrend. Your iPad 4 Mini’s are going out today!  Here’s a bit of a teaser for those receiving them! Enjoy! (more…)


September Contest Results & Extension into October!

Congratulations to all the affiliates who earned $10,000+ with CPATrend in September. Since the iPad Mini 4 was released in September, we have taken the liberty of upping the prize and will be shipping you an iPad Mini 4, instead of a an iPad Mini 3 as previously mentioned. For those affiliates who were unable to reach their goal, or have not yet begun working with CPATrend, don’t worry! We have decided to extend this contest and the opportunity to earn a FREE iPad into October. Same rules apply. Earn…


Why Use a CPA Network?

Many affiliates, both experienced and non-experienced often ask the question, why should I use a CPA network or an affiliate network?  The answer to this question is relatively straight forward, as there are several ways that a CPA network can help you grow your business.  Here are some: 1) Cash flow management.  One of the most difficult parts of being an affiliate marketer is the inconsistency of maintaining long term and profitable campaigns.  In addition to this, the amount of money being paid out to traffic sources versus the amount…